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10 Best Places for Archery Hunting in the World

10 Best Places for Archery Hunting in the World

Archery hunting is one of the greatest activities that you can think of, being out there in the great outdoors as you take on natures greatest challenges. It is a richly rewarding experience which will hopefully leave you with a great trophy at the end of it.

Most of the greatest hunting spots for archery hunting are in the United States as in most rural states there are programs set up which make it very easy to get out there and start hunting deer in places where you’ll know they will be.

It isn’t just the USA where hunting for the likes of Deer and Elk can give you a memorable experience, there are plenty of other places around the world that give you some of the best hunting opportunities. Here we look at some of those spots, as well as the best places in America to come up with the 10 best places for archery hunting in the world.

1. Kodiak Island, Alaska, USA

For those looking for a lifetime thrill of being out in the wild, with a little bit of danger added to the mix, then you will want to tick Kodiak Island off your bucket list. The island is the home to a large amount of blacktail deer so you should be able to have plenty of hunting opportunities. It is also the home to some of the largest brown bears in the world. This would be an incredible adventure and in order to get there you would have to travel by small planes and boats, but licenses are easy to get and the hunting is plenty. Those bears though will keep you alert and an adrenaline rush like never before. It isn’t the easiest location to get to, but the rewards and the experience make it all worth it.

2.Lanai, Hawaii, USA

Lanai, Hawaii, USA Archery huntingIf you’re looking to hunt in one of the most beautiful places on earth, then Lanai could be the spot for you. This small Hawaiian island has immense natural beauty, but will also exclusivity as it is a private island which is around 90,000 acres in size. The island is home to an incredible amount of animals, including a large amount of axis deer. It also contains mouflon sleep too if you wanted to hunt something a little different. In order to get there you’d need to fly to Maui and then get the ferry across to Lanai. As the game are privately owned, you’ll pay by the day for private hunting and that will include one trophy stag and two non-trophy animals.

3. Patagonia, Argentina

The red deer is one of the most popular animals in Argentina and in the Patagonia region you can mix in beautiful hikes and amazing view with some of the best deer hunting in the world. In this region you hunt deer in a very similar way to how you hunt elk in the Rockies, as most of it is done by either hiking or on horseback. As with most places, the best time to hunt is at the peak of the rut between March and April. It’s also known for great trout finishing if you wanted to mix up your hunting. This is comparable to New Zealand in that it is the best free range hunting in the world.

4. Montana, USA

Montana, USA archery huntingMontana is a fantastic state for hunting which can be from fishing to a variety of different game animals. It is though, also one of the best spots in the world in which to hunt deer and elk. It has a large population of mule deer and whitetail deer. A general deer tag will need to be sought, but you get a lot for it. There is plenty of public land on which to hunt, and you’ll never be short of finding great spots from which to take your shot. The state carefully monitors its wildlife with careful conservation, as specific blocks will be allocated at specific times.

5. Utah, USA

Utah is one of the best places in which to hunt in the United States, but also the world. It has a rich population of elk and mule deer and also offers specific archery hunting experiences. It does though mean that you’ll have to be in a draw for a tag, but this is one of the easiest states in which to get a draw as it just prevents the possibility of overhunting, but there are plenty of deer and some regions nearly have 100% success rate in getting a tag. It is a challenging hunt, but that makes it all the more rewarding. You’ll also have to pass a test in order to shoot in the region, but it’s not difficult to pass.

6. Colorado, USA

For anyone in the world, Colorado should be a destination you want to visit just to have a wonderful view of the Rocky Mountains. One of the greatest parts of hunting is the ability to get out there in the wild and see some of the most beautiful scenery that the world has to offer. Not only do the Rockies have some of the greatest scenery in the world, but they also have some of the greatest Elk hunting opportunities as well. It has an incredible number of Elk which gives your trip a very high chance of being a success as apparently there are over a quarter of a million Elk in Colorado.

7. Alberta, Canada

Most of the time in Alberta only bows are legal to hunt, which makes this a great place to get out there and into the wild. Most of the hunting opportunities are on private land which is just outside the city of Edmonton. Nonresidents are required to hunt with a guide, there are though many opportunities to hunt as it has a thriving whitetail population. It also offers up stunning view of the Canadian Rockies.

8. Kentucky, USA

Kentucky has an ever-increasing reputation for being one of the best places to hunt deer in the world. The seasons are long throughout the state and the regulations aren’t too strict. There are a lot of whitetail deer in the state, so buying tags will never be a problem. There are also a lot of opportunities for trophy hunting, even in the public hunting land. If you’re looking for the best whitetail deer experience in the USA, then you can’t go wrong with making a trip to Kentucky.

9. South Island, New Zealand

If you’re looking for a perfect break away to one of the most beautiful places in the world, then New Zealand provides some of the best deer hunting experiences in the world. You’ll be among the greatest landscapes in the world and you will be hunting animals that are plentiful. One of the greatest things about deer hunting in New Zealand is that the animals are fair game. There aren’t any hunting seasons and you don’t need any licenses. You can just get out there in the great outdoors and feel free to hunt as you wish. The best time of year to go would be between March and April, but New Zealand would be a truly authentic experience for any bowhunter.

10. Indiana, USA

If you’re looking for a trophy hunt, then there aren’t any better places than Indiana. No other place in the world gives you a better opportunity to score high on killing a buck and you have a better opportunity of taking a Booner than in any other state in America. There is a great success rate and the deer are plentiful. There is plenty of public land and you’ll be sure to find something to make your trip a great one.

What bow should I use for my hunting trip?

Hunting animals isn’t the same as shooting a target range, as it isn’t just about hitting the target. Not only do you want to know the right place in which to hit an animal, but you also want to do it with enough force so that you manage to get a kill and not just wound the animal.

In order to do that then you’ll want to make sure that you have a high-quality compound bow, rather than a traditional bow. A compound bow will be able to give you a higher level of accuracy, but also with a higher draw weight which will give you a much better chance of killing your chosen animal.

If you are an experienced archer who has the muscles to carry it off, then hunting with a traditional recurve bow could give you a much more rewarding experience as you’ll feel like you are testing your skills against nature in a way that hunters of the past would have done. This though should only be advised if you have the skill level for it.

Crossbows are another great option as they will give you the velocity that your arrows need in order to get that important kill shot. They are another great way to get that shot you need without having to worry too much about how much you can draw.

Enjoy your adventure

Here we have listed some of the best spots in the world and ones that will provide an incredible adventure. When out there you don’t want to be caught out with having equipment that will let you down, so having a rangefinder and the latest hunting tools is a must. You want to make sure you are well-prepared for your trip and if you are, then you will be rewarded with some of the best hunting trips that the world has to offer.

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