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The California deer season in my area started on July 11 2009. I hunted three days during the opening week. Only saw a few spikes. Did manage to kill a hog though. On the afternoon of the 27th I was hunting with friend and pro-staffer Josh Peixoto of JP Guide Service in Castro Valley , CA. We'd been driving the ridges of a ranch and only seen a few small bucks and some does, fallow deer as well as some turkeys. About an hour before sundown we spotted a nice wide buck over a mile and a half away up on top of the ridge. We watched the buck bed under the only tree within 150 yards. We worked around the mountain playing the wind and staying out of sight. With less than a 1/4 mile to go we looked up as the buck stood up and fed around the top and out of sight. We hustled up the mountain. We eventually made our way to the bed he'd left. Our pace slowed to inches at a time. We weren't sure where he'd gone and didn't want to go barging in. 40 yards past his bed, Josh signals that the deer is very close. I look and he's bedded down less than 15 yards away. All we could see were his tips. I came to full draw. Josh waited 10 seconds then grunted to get the buck to stand up. the buck turned, but didn't stand. A few more grunts, still he wouldn't stand. Josh was filming and grunting, and I was at full draw for approx. 1 minute 40 seconds. Finally, Josh bent down to get a stone to throw and the buck saw movement. He never stood. He lunged forward. I had my 20 pin where his vitals were supposed to be. When he lunged I swung with him and let it fly. Didn't have a chance to confirm the shot placement. Just instinct. It happened so fast that Josh started yelling Shoot! Shoot again you missed. The buck had lunged out of sight in a patch of buck brush. 5 seconds after the shot the buck rears up and starts to go ass over end down the hill into the ravine. This is big country and Josh was worried he'd get away if he can get to his feet. He and I get to point where we can see down into the ravine. The buck was trying to get to its feet. I hit it again with a quartering away shot. He was going nowhere. I put one final shot thru the neck spine. He was down for good.  We had maybe 5 to 10 minutes of light left. He was a nice wide buck. For me, spot and stalk hunting Blacktail deer in late July with high temperatures and steep hills is as challenging as any deer hunting anywhere.  This hunt was filmed and will be shown on our upcoming show on the Sportsman's Channel this fall. The Revolution performed perfectly. I was even experimenting with a new hunting arrow setup. A Victory Nano arrow, spined 60-75 lbs. with a victory outsert and a muzzy 3-blade. That thick walled arrow carried a lot of punch. Can't wait to buy my 2nd tag.

TNT Archery

Mario with the first blacktail of the year.

Oct. 8, 2009
Suffering from a turn biscep, I was hunting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I was using my TNT  Archery Revolution Bow equipped with a crimson talon broadhead. Sitting in my 20ft. ladder stand at 6:30pm. Everything was quiet, when I heard a twig snap behind me I looked back and saw a large buck coming 20 yards through dense vegetation.
He was to close for me to stand up, so I leaned over drew back , and at 15 yards released my arrow and doubled lunged him. He ran approximately 50 yards and fell. At 11 points and 210 lbs (field dressed) he was the largest buck I've ever taken with any weapon and the first deer with this bow. I'm looking forward to using it on my upcoming bear hunt in West VA.
What a Great Start !
Thanks for such a user friendly bow,
Robert Buck

Robert Buck and Maryland Whitetail

I could not be happier with the bow!  I shot it for three days and then was off to the hunt.  I don’t think I would have been that confident if I had gotten a different brand bow.  You guys have really impressed me!! 

  My guide told me there was a very odd colored Barbados ram using the hills in a certain area and he wanted me to get a shot at it.  He was notorious for being a runner and leaving hunters shaking their heads and giving up after a long chase.  Having this information, I was determined to take him with my bow.   I had two guides working two different hillsides trying to get a glimpse of the ram.  One guide got a look at him and then he was gone!  We worked our way around to area he was last seen in and sure enough, through the trees, we spotted him at 85 yards and he had his sights locked in on us.  I needed to be closer so we left one guide for the ram to keep an eye on while we made our way out of sight and closer to our target.  For well over an hour, we played the game of cat and mouse.  The wind was perfect for a stalk, yet he knew something was just not right.  Then in a matter of moments, which seemed like an eternity, it all came together.  He went up a small slope to a little pond to drink.  The cedars were thick and I could only watch his head as he drank.  Then he backed out, started to walk a few steps toward us and then turned just enough for a broadside shot at 25 yards!  I pulled back and released the arrow, resulting in a double lung shot.  In less than 15 yards, he was down.  He was truly a unique color, one like I have never seen, but I couldn’t be happier.  My first kill with my new TNT Revolution!  My Barbados ram! 


Tisha Proffitt

Proffitt Outdoors

Tisha Proffit and her Ram