Hey guys,


Got the bows from Casey at Tree top archery . They are awsome. I don't think I've shot a better bow in the 38 years I've been shooting. Thank you for a great product, it was worth the wait.

Don Wagner 


I final had a chance to work on my bow over the last 2 weekends, I cant tell you how cool it is to able to break it down and reassemble without the use of a press. I did all the installation of the rest, single pin HHA sight, the string silencer and even the peep sight. After all were installed I started to do the tuning and was simply amazed at how accurate the bow shoots for being as small as it is. I put a stabilizer on it for target shooting and it is friggin deadly. Inside my shop I have a 28 yrd. range and at 20 yrds I can hit a ping pong ball every time, unless I flinch, or someone hits me with a bat !!!!
I absolutely cannot wait for Oct.1
So any ways I wanted to give you an update and let you know how things are going with it, and I took a photo so you could see just how cool it looks. I am going to try and get my deer hunts on video this year, if i get a good one I will definitely send it to you. I cant wait to start showing it to all my hunting buddies.
I need to get an extra set of strings from you, let me know how I do that , I have looked on the website and I didnt see a place I could order online.
Once again, Thank You for all your effort.
I love the bow.
Greg Becker

Beckers Bow

Mario and Bill, 
I purchased my first revolution bow used back in 2008, i have had nothing other than great luck hunting, target shooting and working on this bow. I contacted Mario and talked to him about having my bow dipped in the new reaper camo, after talking with him i decided to go with the defiance upgrade. I shipped my bow on a tuesday and they were working on it that week!! After getting the bow back, i was shocked with the amount of speed the bow picked up and it still felt as if I was still shooting my old revolution. There is nothing more i can say other than two thumbs up!!! This bow is hands down the best bow i have ever hunted with!! I recomend it to the average shooter to the most die hard hunter!!!thanks for a great product!!!
Josh VanHoose 

Due to a spinal and shoulder injury I have been unable to draw a bow in over 17 years.  Because of this injury I was forced to give up archery hunting.  I recently had an expeirence with a TNT Revolution.  I was able to draw the bow with ease at  65 lbs, and carry on a conversation while holding the bow at full draw.  I believe this bow will change archery hunting for numerous people in the near future.  Thank You for making a great product that anybody can enjoy.
Ron Witosky
Extreme Outdoor Productions

Dear Mario and William,
Thank your for the opportunity to test one of your pre-production bows for my September 2008 Idaho Elk hunt. The silky smooth cam of the Revolution bow combined with the 22 inches axle to axle length make this an ideal bow for backpacking and working in close quarters where size and weight are significant, especially when climbing up and down through the mountains and forests during my elk hunt. Another bonus that I think is attractive to others is the 100 pound adjustable limbs, combined with the 2 3/4" limb bolts and the 8 1/4" brace height. The Revolution becomes a very stable, forgiving shooting platform that allowed me to make precise shots out to 65 yards. The compactness and portability of this bow have also been of great benefit with the Wisconsin late season deer hunting when I'm 30 feet up in my tree stand and the temperature is well below zero. Your camo patterns of M2D, Next and Mothwing offer the versatility to adapt and blend in any environment. The snow pattern virtually makes the bow disappear in the winter backdrop.
Robert E. Pentler
Mequon, Wisconsin

Bob Pentler