TNT Archery continues to defy the industry norms with the introduction of the much-anticipated Defiance. Throughout its’ development, TNT Archery has held true to its Mission, creating a bow that is portable, comfortable and reliable. Defiance has power, precision, and impressive speed, making it the ultimate hunting bow.

Aesthetically, Defiance resembles Revolution. Aside from its split limb design, this next generation bow maintains its compact size at 22 inches axle to axle. This makes it is one of the shortest bows on 
the market. Though, don’t let its size fool you. Defiance is deadly accurate and at the same time extremely forgiving. It’s brace height measures 8 ¼ inches, making it the longest brace height in its class.

Defiance maintains the comfort we’ve built our reputation on, but with an IBO speed of 310-318 feet per second, it is wicked fast!  Defiance, like Revolution, can be taken down in the field in literally 30 seconds. 

This bow requires only a common wrench should any repair be needed.  Strings, cables and limbs can be replaced, reassembled, timed and tuned within 15-20 minutes, salvaging any hunt should an equipment-failure or mishap interfere with the day.

Whether you’re a beginner or the more adventurous hunter, you’ll appreciate the rare combination of size, accuracy, comfort speed and power. Defiance is clearly the ultimate hunting bow

IBO Rating            310-318 fps

Axle to Axle          22”

Brace Height         8.25”

Draw Weight         25lb.-60lb.
Weight                   3.5 lb.

Let-off                   80%

Draw Length         24”,25”, 26”
Modules                27” 28”
                             29”, 30”
                             31”, 32


Defiance in Reaper Black
Reaper Black is the original Reaper series pattern that started it all. If you want a realistic three dimensional skull pattern...get Reaper Black. Reaper Black uses proprietary technology, including Dynamic Depth of Field and High Definition Z Depth to create a hyper-realistic, three dimensional pattern of skulls floating in a cloud. Reaper Black's high defination, depth and menacing skulls means that when you sport Reaper Black gear your sure to get a second look.


Defiance in Reaper Buck

Reaper Buck is an effective forest camouflage pattern which incorporated floating eight and ten point buck skulls in the background. This patterns is ideal in any hunting environment.


Defiance in Reaper Hog
Reaper Hog is a new addition from Proveil's Reaper series. It's an edgy, hyper-realistic Camouflage that is effective in a variety of environments.


Defiance in Reaper H2OXL

We are proud to introduce Reaper H2OXL. Reaper H2OXL takes the theme of the popular Reaper Black and Reaper Buck patterns to the water. Reaper H2OXL is a more open lighter pattern and is available in a variety of background colors.



Defiance in Red
Our red target bows are paired with black limbs. We can add a pattern to the limbs as an upgrade.