Team TNT

Mario Pellegrini-Owner

Mario currently lives in Northern California with his family. He is also owner of Vita Productions, Inc., which is a family owned film and video production company. His production work has taken him around the world to locations, such as, Italy, Greece, Brazil and Africa. Some of the productions include Late night with Conan O’Brien, ESPN, NFL (21 of the last 23 Superbowls), NBA, MLB, E!, HBO…Travel Channel

He is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast. Hunting, fishing, hiking… if its outdoors he does it. He hunted primarily with rifles and handguns and even loaded his own ammunition until the early 90’s when he began shooting archery seriously. It wasn’t until his first archery elk hunt that  he  knew he was addicted.

Long ago, he was given two pieces of advice: Only work with people you enjoy being around and respect. And, work is only work when you don’t enjoy it. If it’s a passion, it’s not work. He made a commitment to follow that advice. 

In 1991, he was able to combine his work and his passion. He worked on his first hunting shows, “Charlie West’s Outdoor Gazette and Back Country. Later, he worked with Jeff and Sherol Engel from Engel’s Outdoor Experience as well as a few others. Currently TNT has co-produced their own show with M2D Camo called “M2D Camo’s Living the Dream”


William Dahl-Owner

William C. Dahl II lives in Half Moon Bay, CA.. He has five children and a loving wife of 25 years. Over the years he has started and built several businesses. While many of them were successful, none of them were fulfilling. His escape was archery. Bill’s father was a lifelong archer. Early on Bill was taught to shoot with a longbow, recurve and then later a compound bow. He was raised target shooting and didn’t hunt until later in life. He enjoys hunting deer, pig, elk and turkey. If he’s not in the woods he is either watching his kids sporting events or fishing the many streams of the high sierras.


Belle Schmidt-TNT Archery Prostaff/Co-host-Lethal Injection

Belle grew up a tomboy on her grandparents farm in Rio, Wisconsin. She learned to hunt at an early age by tagging along with her grandpa and her cousins in the Wisconsin woods. She has fond memories of sitting in a ground blind with grandpa sipping hot chocolate and eating candy bars. She doesnn''t recall seeing many animals, but cherishes the quality time she spent with him.

Belle graduated highschool in 2007. She then attended UW-Stevens Point. After several years at school, she wasn't sure what career path she was interested in. So she returned home to pursue her passion, hunting. She'd always rifle hunted, but preferred bow hunting. She loves the challenge. Her addiction and dedication have led her to TNT Archery, where she co-hosts Lethal Injection. She travels the country representing TNT at Sportsman shows and archery competitions. She has enjoyed the hunting, traveling and meeting the many great people on this journey. "I am honored to work with the people I do and to be able to represent the outdoor industry. I plan to continue running with this dream and see where it lands me."


Rodger Benadom
Rodger Benadom was born into a family of Hunters & raised in Northern California, where he currently lives with his wife & hunting partner Karen.
I have had the privilege of owning the GREATEST  LAB to ever have her own T.V. Show. The show was called, "Ducks with Billy & Buck". It ran for 2 years on the OLN Channel. Her name was, Hightest Haileys Comet, "Hailey " for short. The producers didn't think "Ducks with Billy and Hailey sounded Macho enough, so she used her T.V. Name, "Buck". Hailey made Billy Gianquinto, her CO-HOST, look good with ALL her great retrieves ! I even had the privilege of being a Duck Guide in the San Francisco Bay on the premier episode. I also guided Jeff Engel for Canvas Back ducks in the San Francisco Bay, on Engel's Outdoor Experience T.V. Show on "The Outdoor" Channel. It was during the filming of, "Ducks with Billy & Buck", that I met Mario. We hit it off and soon became great Bow hunting friends. In 2007, I had the privilege to film the prototype KILLING it's first turkey, well that's when I got really excited and just had to get that Bow !  I have been blessed to have put over 20 Deer as well as Elk, Bear, Pigs, and Turkey in my freezer. That doesn't make me Chuck Adams, it's just that I've shot a few Bows over the years, and was happy with a consistent group of a softball at 30 yards. Within 10-15 minutes of adjustments on the sights and draw length on my REVOLUTION BOW,  Mario had me CONSISTENTLY drilling GOLF BALL size groups out to 30 yards !!!!  The REVOLUTION Bow  took me from AAA Baseball to the PROS!! The Revolution Bow is by far the most FORGIVING, EASIEST TO PULL, SMOOTHEST SHOOTING BOW, I'VE EVER SHOT !! I'm so excited to join the TNT Archery Pro staff. All I can tell you is, pull our Bow back, the first words out of your mouth will be, "WOW" !  So start hitting at what your shooting at by joining the  "The REVOLUTION "  by TNT Archery !  Always remember, "Pick a Hair". And to carry on our hunting heritage by taking a youngster to the woods and passing on your LOVE and APPRECIATION for Gods' great outdoors!!  Hope to meet you in the woods this  season. Good Hunting, Rodger B. Aka; Big-5 

Prostaffer Rodger Benadom

Ryan Perigo, Prostaff
United States Army Reserves
Illinois state rep.for passing on The Tradition Support Group
Owner of Back 40 Taxidermy. 

"I have been hunting and loving the outdoors ever since I could get out on my own, starting with a bb gun when I was 8, and have grown from there. I started bow hunting with my grandfather, sitting in the stand with him. He gave me his old compound when I was 13 or 14, and I practiced with it all summer long. When fall came that year, I fought long and hard with buck fever before I finally arrowed my first deer. I was hooked! These days, I not only spend my time in the tree looking for monster whitetails but have found a new addiction as well Bowfishing.  Bowfishing for me started off as just something to do waiting for the 3D tournaments and next deer season to start.  Now it’s a full on addiction just like looking for whitetails.   With tournaments lasting 20 and 12 hours all over the nation, too hiking miles down the river. For me TNT is the bow to use on all playing fields, accurate, smoothness, lightweight, and compact.  I’ve had the privilege of owning and shooting every bow out there.  To me there isn’t another bow out there that can compare to the versility of the TNT revolution. I help host a lot of events and seminars for kids, youth and clubs,  for me to have a bow that can be switched out in a matter of seconds to accommodate the different draw weights and lengths of people is very important. If I Didn’t shoot TNT’s bows I would literally have to have a whole bow shop just to support what I need to do for these events and the abuse that my bows go through bowfishing is like no other.”


Ryan Perigo

Ryan Perigo

Thomas Loa and his wife Diana live in Weatherford,Tx.He owns Low on Funds Concrete and Excavating Company. Thomas discovered hunting late in life. It became his release from the stress of work. His daughter Alexa became his hunting buddy at age 2 and his son Thomas started hunting with him at age 3. Thomas and Alexa have harvested several nice bucks, hogs, javelina, and a variety of predators. Their love and passion for the outdoors is a family affair.

Thomas "Big Daddy" Loa

Lex Loa

David Hughes-Prostaffer

Archery RSO/Instructor at Michigan State University's Demmer Shooting Sports, Education And Training Center

I’ve been bow hunting since I was 12 years old. Over the years I’ve had many brand name bows, but never quite found what I was looking for until this year at the ATA show in Indianapolis. I saw these guys walking around with this sweet looking bow. At first I thought it was a kids bow. I actually thought to myself “man I wish they had those out when I was a kid instead of the canoe I’d been shooting.” Came to find out it wasn’t a kid’s bow. They didn’t have a lefty, so I shot one of the right-handed models they had. The bow felt very good even shooting with the wrong hand. My first arrow was in the spot and the second arrow took the vane off the first arrow. I was very impressed. I am glad to part of archery’s biggest revolution , the TNT Revolution.


Prostaffer David Hughes

Frank Berbuir
Hunting Prostaff
Frank was born in Duesseldorf, Germany which is where he currently resides with his wife. "When I was a boy of 6 or 7 years I started chasing birds and rabbits with a slingshot or selfmade hazel bush bow and arrow around the woods of my hometown." He has been an avid bowhunter which has taken him to Namibia and France several times." In 2009,  I got acquainted with the TNT Archery Revolution bow and for sure this bow is a revolution and can make archery very addictive. Especially when travelling abroad by air with limited luggage space for all the bowhunting stuff. This tiny powerhouse is a big hit."

Prostaffer Frank Berbuir of Germany