Eberlestock Back Pack  

Eberlestock X1 Backpack
The X1 is designed for the hunter that wants light and fast mobility. Whether you're a bow hunter or a gun hunter, once you've discovered the ability to move with your hands free from carrying your weapon, it'll change the way that you think about the hunting experience. Of course, this applies to everybody who carries a gun or a bow, whether you're climbing 7000' up to the rim of Hell's Canyon, or climbing out of your pickup truck for a walk to your treestand. There's something wonderful about being organized when you move about with your gear, and the X1 is designed to make that happen. The pack comes with both the patented Backscabbard, for on-the-fly access to your rifle or shotgun, and the patent-pending Ripcord Bowtether, allowing you to carry a bow and get it off your back without removing the pack. No other pack in the world provides these built-in capabilities. 2100 cubic inches. 5 lbs. Add our JSTC Butt Cover in order to fully enclose your rifle, and your pack becomes a soft case!

Price $169 

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